Dayton radio host’s tooth knocked out in bar by country music drummer

(Source: Nancy Wilson K99.1FM/Facebook)

(Source: Nancy Wilson K99.1FM/Facebook)

No, Nancy Wilson did not black her tooth out for Halloween.

When people ask if the co-host of Breakfast Club on K99.1FM’s tooth got knocked out in a bar, she can unequivocally say yes.

“It is one hell of a story,” she told me.

Nancy had a run-in with Blackjack Billy drummer Brad Cummings’ hand during a photo after Monday’s free K99.1FM Unplugged show at W.O. Wrights Grill & Pub near Wright State University.

The ordeal wasn’t nearly as bad or bloody as it sounds, but there were shenanigans.

“(Brad) had his leg up and he lost his balance.  As he went down, he hit me perfectly in the mouth,” Nancy told me today. “It (the tooth) came perfectly out in one piece.”

This wasn’t the first time Nancy had trouble with that particular tooth.

It is the same tooth that was damaged when she hit in the mouth during a softball back in 2000. That time she had to have a root canal to correct the problem.

“I’ve always been protective of that tooth,” she said. “I’ve always thought that one of these days it is going to be a perfect storm and then some country singer knocked it out. It is kind of like a county song.”

Nancy is far from upset about the knocking.

It was clearly an accident and Cummings and his bandmates clearly felt sorry.

People commented on how calm she was right after it happened.

“What I am going to do?”  Nancy said. “It was funny to me.”

She and her co-host Fry Guy headed over to Dr. William D. Almoney’s office after reaching him through a friend.

“He shoots me up with Novocaine and stuck it back in,” she said.


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