Oregon finally pays up, Dayton collects prize for OSU national championship

In yo’ face Ducks.

Dayton Mayor Nan Whaley and Montgomery County Commissioner Dan Foley have collected their prize as part of their winning national college football championship bet against a set of Oregon officials that included State Reps. Tobias Read and Val Hoyle.

Whaley and Foley received Oregon products including wine, chocolates, coffee mugs, etc.

Source: Twitter

Source: Twitter

Oregon talked a lot of smack, but smack talk doesn’t win football games.


Ohio State proved victorious, roasting those delicious Ducks in the NCAA national championship last January.

Whaley also won the bet when the University of Dayton beat Ohio State in the 2014 NCAA basketball tournament.

“I am 2 and 0,” Mayor Whaley said Tuesday.”I love when Ohio wins.”

The Oregon Historic District was temporarily renamed the Buckeye District ahead of the game.


The Oregon Historic District was already 30 years old when the state of Oregon was founded.

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