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What the heck is a Pechakucha Dayton?

Pechakucha Night Dayton is going to be raucous at 7:30 p.m. Thursday with an installment themed Rambunctious at The Wright-Dunbar Conference Center, 1100 W. Third St. in Dayton.

The free event will celebrate its 22nd volume in Dayton, but folks who haven’t attended PK night may still be a little confused about what actually happens.

What is Pechakucha Night?

(Source: PechaKucha Dayton's Facebook page)

(Source: Pechakucha Dayton’s Facebook page)

During the fast-paced, idea-sharing party, see people present a variety of ideas using 20 slides that are discussed for 20 seconds each. There are drinks and refreshments and a chance to meet others.


How is it pronounced?

People pronounce it 30 different ways, but it means chit-chat in Japanese and is pronounced: Pe – Chak – cha.

Hint: you can always just call it PK.


 What are the presentations like?

Some presentations are funny and informative: 

Some are science fun:


Still others are artistic and/or inspiring:


Really, there are all kinds of presentations.


Where did this event come from?

Pechakucha (sometimes written as Pecha Kucha and called PK) was devised in Tokyo in February 2003 for young designers. There are now PK groups in 800 cities that attract a wide variety of  spectators and speakers.  PK Dayton nights now typically attract about 300 audience members.

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