Aaron Phillips on comedy, being the boy version of Vicki from “Small Wonder”

Aaron Phillips’ victory at the Winter Comedy Festival last night came with spectacular prizes:  $250, a bottle of Jameson, two cases of Miller Light and a paid weekend at Wiley’s.


Oregon District’s Aaron Phillips

But he wasn’t the only winner.

The Oregon District fixture (his family owns Feathers Vintage Clothing and lives in the neighborhood passed out shots of whiskey to the seven other contestants and friends.

Fresh off his victory, I caught up with Aaron today for a little Q and A.







Topic Tuesday Amelia RobinsonHey Aaron, I want to do a follow-up blog post about your victory. Can you answer a few questions?

10349966_10100174085679860_3371540934217623225_n  Sure.

Topic Tuesday Amelia RobinsonWhat is the strangest thing you have ever worked into a joke?

10349966_10100174085679860_3371540934217623225_nI used to do an impression of Bill-Nye-the-Science-Guy-Fieri, which I mercifully retired. It was rough.

Topic Tuesday Amelia Robinson Who makes you laugh?

10349966_10100174085679860_3371540934217623225_nMy favorite local comics who make me laugh are Mike Cannestero, Vincent Holiday, Nate Washington and Cincinnati’s Jay Armstrong.

Topic Tuesday Amelia RobinsonIs there anything that is off limits?

10349966_10100174085679860_3371540934217623225_n Nothing should be off limits, but there are subjects that usually stop a show: rape, misogyny, racism, gross-out humor if not done well. I always say I never have a problem if someone tries a shock-value joke. I’m only offended if it wasn’t funny.


Topic Tuesday Amelia RobinsonIf you could be a character from any ’80s sitcom, who would you be?

10349966_10100174085679860_3371540934217623225_nI would love to be a boy version of VICKI from “Small Wonder” or a  girl version of Mr. Belvedere or Willis. I don’t know.

Topic Tuesday Amelia RobinsonHa ha. Both are pretty foxy.

Topic Tuesday Amelia RobinsonAnything else you want to add?

10349966_10100174085679860_3371540934217623225_n I wanna give a shout-out to my Columbus comedy people Dorian Vasquez, Mike Hillenski and Kamari Stevens. See you soon!



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